Scenes from the Sea

Here’s a collection of a few of the views that we enjoyed during our trip into the Sea of Cortez from May, June, and July.

Brenda and Ted dinghying around Ensenada Grande, Isla Partida

You can definitely choose to be around people or away from them, there are so many varied places to see and stay. As the days move deeper into the summer there are fewer boats out cruising around in the heat, so it is easy to get to know a good percentage of the boats/owners moving about the Sea.

Incredible "Expedition Yacht" Pangea and three of its tenders at Isla San Jose, as 40ft catamaran goes by

About half this time we were traveling/hanging out with our sistership/Bay Area-homeported/fellow-yacht-club-members Ted and Brenda on Firefly.

Playing with our water toys in Puerto Balandra

After we headed back south to La Paz in mid-July, Firefly headed north to revist Bahia de Los Angeles and points north. We would like to get up that way again, but decided that we would take a break from the heat this year and spend some time in California.

Full Shell and commercial fishing boats at Santo Domingo

Lots of fishing going on in the sea, mostly small boats but a few larger ones as well. A small fleet of purse seiners anchored near us for a few nights at the head of Bahia Concepcion. There seems to be a abundance of sea life, but we wonder how long it can last.

Gypsy in Bahia Concepcion, SandPiper just before heading back to Mazatlan

There was an article recently reporting that sharks have disappeared in great numbers in the sea, they are definitely an imporant part of the food chain – above and below the water.

Shark fishing boats come in near Ensenada Blanca. Fins went in one truck, the remainder in another.

We did not see the big crowd (100 or more pangas) at Santa Rosalia out squid fishing like we did last year, we did not hear what had changed from 2011.

Lounging pelicans at Marina Fonatur, Santa Rosalia

We had some nice “shore leave” time in Santa Rosalia, meeting up with Gypsy and Full Shell, and our San Francisco friend Robert/Cleo II drove down from California (with goodies for all!) on the way to his boat in La Paz.

Michelada Man Ted, Brenda and Robert, Julie and Robert at the Eiffel church in Santa Rosalia