Got Wasabi?

The culinary adventures continue, it’s time for an update.

A few finny treats at the La Cruz fish market, sushi/sashimi night with Annette and Ed/SandPiper

We still haven’t been catching a LOT of fish, but we catch some, and the Dorado (aka Mahi Mahi, aka Dolphinfish) are especially lovely. We’ve caught on from some cruisers we met last year, that “fishing with pesos” works quite well too.

Tapas with Jim and Jeanne

Food grown/caught/produced in Mexico is extremely reasonable, it’s hard to go back and do some grocery shopping in the U.S., we have really been spoiled.

Smoked dorado on nice crusty bread with a schmear, Yellowfin Tuna grading in La Cruz

In addition to eating lots of Mexican cuisine, which we love, we find many other options to enjoy including some very decent Chinese (by our Bay Area standards), Spanish, barbeque, Italian, and more.

All you can eat barbeque, for about $15, dangerous!

We’ve found the quality of food in Mexico to be excellent as well. We have no concerns about food safety, we feel there are likely more problems within the U.S. due to mass production that can effect so many people when there is some form of contamination.

Five KILOS (11 pounds) of jumbo shrimp, tuna, and lobster, about $55. The fishing fleet at La Cruz.

And the chicken, there’s lots of great chicken. Roasted chickens all over the place. There are apparently a bunch of nuns cooking some up great ones in La Paz, we want to test that out soon.The meat of the fresh chicken we buy often has a yellowish cast, we’re told the Mexican chickens eat marigolds.

Chickens (and ribs) on stakes in a big charcoal pit in Santiago.