Change in the Weather

These are a few photos from June when we were in Bahia Concepcion

(l to r) Voyager, Firefly, FullShell, 3 Catalinas in a row

It’s rare that we have seen fog on the baja side of the Sea of Cortez. As dry as it is there, this is unusual.

Thick San Francisco-style fog on June 10

While in this bay, we spent several nights a couple of nice anchorages with Firefly, Fullshell and Gypsy, and had several socializing and snacking adventures.

Lovely sunset on June 11 (Thanks Eric & Marilyn for the pix!)

The Sea of Cortez water temperature feels definitely cool to us in the wintertime (like below 80 degrees!), and it is slow to warm up in the summer. And, temperatures can vary from anchorage to anchorage. By June things were finally getting comfortable so we had a little floaty party to celebrate at Posada Concepcion anchorage.

Julie, Marilyn, Eric, Ted, Bill, Brenda's feet