These are miscellaneous MOV files, they don’t run long.

Click on a title below, a QuickTime logo will appear onscreen, and wait for the player screen to load. The video may run automatically, otherwise press the play (arrow) button in lower left corner of window to run the video. (This is a cheap point-and-shoot still camera we are using so the image quality is not always the best.)

Carnival La Paz 2013 – Dancing Whale Shark

Carnival La Paz 2013- Dancing Girls

Carnival La Paz 2013 – Party Float

Carnival La Paz 2013 – Sea Life Float

Dolphins escorting Voyager – about 10 seconds

NEW Dolphins in the Sea of Cortes south of Bahia de Los Angeles – mass quantities! – about 19 seconds

Frigate birds on Isla Isabel – about 10 seconds

Frigate birds v2, juvenile in nest, Isla Isabel (look at his jiggly neck! and the many birds flying above) – about 10 seconds

French acrobats performing in Nuevo Vallarta
– about 20 seconds
(so turn your head or your monitor sideways!)

Humpback whale near Cabo Corientes (south end of Banderas Bay) – about 13 seconds, you need to wait ’til almost the end of the video

NEW Pelican hitching a ride on Voyager (we are motoring at about 7 knots) – about 10 seconds

Pelicans carrying on (feasting) in Barra Lagoon – about 9 seconds

Pesky Pelicans (final footage is wing making contact with Julie’s head!) – about 9 seconds

Salvation Army kids Christmas program at Marina Mazatlan – about 16 seconds