For Cruisers

…or for those curious about cruising.

(last updated some of this 4/2023) Things we like, things we’ve learned. This info will gradually change over time, it’s just usually what is hot on our mind at the time we posted it.

Eat your way through La Paz

Marine Resources in La Paz

One Boat Girl’s Guide to Shopping in La Paz

Loreto Area resources, a work in progress

Other Resources

Groceries in Mexico (what do things cost?), an informal survey (2011 – will try to update this soon)

Miscellaneous tems aboard that we really like

Safety Gear

Tecchie Stuff

  • Simrad Type-B AIS (Automatic Identification System) – marine transponder with receive and transmit capability. It is SOOOO nice to know where those big ships are and where they are headed. Many cruising boats have also added AIS in recent years.
  • Flir thermal-vision device (we have a monochrome model, great to see things around us, find an anchorage on a moonless night.)
  • Eartec voice-activated radio/headsets, sure beats yelling from the helm up to the anchor windlass.
  • Raymarine Electronics – Axiom Pro MFD, Quantum Radar, Autopilot, Instruments

Galley Gear

    • SodaStream soda maker (we have the Genesis model). Stop schlepping bottles and cans, reduce your trash (a big issue when the nearest garbage disposal is days or weeks away). (Note: you cannot at this time get the CO2 canisters in Mexico.)
    • Small rice cooker (always make a full batch and freeze the leftovers).
    • Lifefactory glass (water) bottles with colored Silicone sleeves

Good Boatkeeping

  • Splendide washer/drier – although we don’t use it as much as we thought we would, having laundry “done” in Mexico is often quite reasonable and fairly convenient.
  • ASPENORA brand 53-quart supplemental refrigeration (configured as freezer), before this we were very happy with our DOMETIC portable
  • Microfiber dish mats ($4.99) from Bed, Bath and Beyond. They dry quick. One can also use them for floor mats as well.


  • IPod! Of course! or your favorite mobile device with bluetooth to your stereo.
  • TOWER inflatable paddle boards, we have D-ring option so we can clip on seats for sit-down paddling.
  • YOUTUBE PREMIUM for videos and with the music option