Querido Santa

Holidays are pretty laid back for us, so this year we looked for something different to do. One of the local Rotary Clubs in La Paz helps to play secret Santa for a remote village in the mountainous areas to the north. They shared letters from kids with the local cruising community. Most of the kids requested sneakers, easy to fulfill with the plentiful shopping options in La Paz.

We did our shopping for Monserrat (6) and her family who lives in La Soledad (approximately 24 54 57N, 110 42 40W), which is inland from the fishing village of San Evaristo, and about 50 miles north of La Paz. She boards away from home to attend school during the week. An attached info form stated that she has two sisters 3 and 11, and her father works as a (farm?) laborer, making about $80 (U.S.)/month.

Her letter (above), and the (Google) translation is shown below. Sorry, forgot to photograph the hot pink tennies we found for her.

Dear Santa! I hope that this little letter is received in good health like me after this greeting short step to the following

My name is Monserrat Amador Amador study in primary school “Nicolas Bravo” during the 1st grade, I have (am) 6 years, Monday to Friday I stay at Hostel # 18 “- Miguel Amador Espinoza”

For this Christmas I would like to do me the favor of giving a tailored pan(t)s size 10 and if your scope is a pair of sneakers # 22 because it is very cold over here.

Well Santa I(n) advance I thank you for granting my request, I hope you spend a happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year in the company of all his dear family.