Bloomin’ Good

One of our favorite things to do while docked in La Paz, is to visit the Madero Street Farmer’s Market. Held Tuesday and Saturday mornings, it’s a great place to stock up on some of our favorite goodies. It doesn’t take up more than half (one side) of a block, but there are plenty of treats to make cruisers happy.

This winter there have been at least four produce vendors, a few crafts tables, eggs, honey, baked goods, hand-crafted fresh organic cheeses, smoked fish, coffee, meats, and home-made tamales ($1). Pan de Les Bakery anchors the market with Les’ great breads, crackers and pastries. His wife Diane’s amazing gift shop is next door. Occasionally a guy with a bucket of lobsters or shrimp wanders by.

We often buy from Manuela and her daughter “The Sausage Ladies,” who make fabulous brats (spicy and mild, 4/$5), pate, cold cuts, and sauerkraut.

Betty from Flibbertigibbet shops with Kale

Kale is one of our favorite produce growers/vendors who specializes in lots of fresh Baja-grown greens and herbs (his beautiful basil lasts up to two weeks in our “green bags”), tomatoes, root vegetables, plus beautiful strawberries ($2/basket) this time of year.

Prices are not far off from what we would pay in the Bay Area, and in some cases at higher cost than the chain grocery stores but everything is lovely and tasty.

One of our favorite supermarkets "the cow market" dressed up for the holidays