San Javier

The first mission of the Californias was founded in Loreto. Mission San Javier, slightly newer, is about 20 miles southwest of Loreto and is a lovely site to visit within a small village, tucked into a valley area that is quite remote. It is accessible via a two lane mountain road that is succeptible to washouts during rainy weather.

Dena and Dale enjoying the sights with us.

Originally populated by native peoples, a jesuit brother visited the area in 1699 and because there was a source of water there, it was deemed as a place to start some agricultural cultivation (and of course some churching).

Front view of the church, elaborate altar.

The chapel standing there today was built between 1744 -1759.

Funny looking dogs are all over Mexico. Dale checks out an ancient olive tree.

Search on the www and there is plenty to read about this site, if you want to know more.

Field of onions. Architectural detail.