Catalina Island

After a nice stay (including many errands and shopping) in Marina Del Rey, we cruised over to Catalina Island. We spent three nights on a mooring at Isthmus Cove, Two Harbors, and two nights on a mooring at Avalon. While at Isthmus Cove the Latitudes and Attitudes magazine annual cruisers celebration/seminars was happening, so we took advantage of some networking, feasting and drinking. Weather was cool, gray, (and raining at Avalon).

Searching for free wireless in exotic locales. Bill with Tom & Lori from our sister ship Camelot at the cafe at Two Harbors (ordering boat parts!). Camelot (left) & Voyager (right) parked at Isthmus Cove

Firefly joined us during our second night at Isthmus Cove and then followed us over to Avalon. Now that summer is over, Avalon is a pretty quiet place to wander around. We browsed a few of the shops, found some cheap margaritas, and stocked up on a few groceries at the mini “Von’s.”

The crew of Firefly demonstrates how to attach your boat to a mooring in Avalon Cove. Avalon Casino in the background. Mocha Lattes in Avalon.
The crews of Firefly and Voyager
Avalon harbor, on a quiet fall afternoon.