California Coast

We had an uneventful, reasonably comfortable run all the way from San Francisco to Los Angeles (unlike other trips we have made down the coast). Our skilled San Francisco sailing friend Mike Gowan came along as able crew. Our first leg on 10/1 was to Half Moon Bay to top off our fuel tanks and had a visit with some friends who drove up from Redwood City. The second leg (10/2 & 10/3) was directly from Half Moon Bay to Santa Barbara (about 36 hours of motoring), in fairly benign conditions. After happy hour at the beautiful Santa Barbara Yacht Club (finally we got to see some dolphins, while we were in the BAR!) and had a great seafood dinner at Brophy Brothers (great clam chowder!),  we got up early on the morning of the 4th and transited to Los Angeles, arriving around 5 pm. Larry Ellison’s 180+ ft. Zenji sailboat could be seen anchored out as we passed Malibu.

Last trip under the Golden Gate Bridge for a while!
Point Conception, the "Cape Horn" of California, on a NICE day...about 10 am (the customary recommended passage is at night)
Raft 'O Pelicans west of Los Angeles