Carnival 2013

Several cities in Mexico celebrate Carnival. The one in Mazatlan is one of the largest in the world. As we were in La Paz during that time, we decided to enjoy the local scene.

Mostly pictures in this post, take a break from reading!

It was especially nice for us that the floats were parked across the street from our marina during the day. They were fun to look at, and were definitely not over-done, lots of hand-crafted feel to them.

Balloon vendor looking for customers. A few visitors posed with our friend Bill.

The highlight of the festival is three evening parades along the city’s waterfront (Malecon). The floats had advertising, pretty girls in skimpy costumes, loud music, various dancers, cute kids, and all were designed with an overall marine life/nautical theme.

Ted, Bill, Julie, Bill, Dana, Don, Kathi, Crit

We got a group of 24 friends together and rented one balcony section of a local restaurant for a great view (and good snacks and drinks) – Tailhunter – for the final night of the parade, coincidentally on Mardi Gras. Almost all of us there were alumnus of the Baja Haha 2010 rally.

Pretty safe and calm in La Paz for this type of event, no reputation for craziness here. Lots of families out watching the parades and then visiting food, merchandise, and game booths along the waterfront afterwards.

Click here to link over to our video page, there are a few movie clips, we especially like the dancing whale shark.