Birds, Birds, Birds

Lots of updates to be done on our spring/summer in the Sea of Cortez. More posts to come. This post is now complete.

Here’s some highlights of our many feathered friends. The gulls are pretty comical sometimes and not very shy.

We’ve had a few night herons that like to hang around/on Voyager at Marina Palmira.

This little guy was hanging around Marina Fonatur in Puerto Escondido, looking for some snacks.

There have been lots of babies around this time of year. Before the seagull youngsters turn grey, the littlest ones are white with spots.

Every day we get some sort of pelican show. Note above that there is a separate squadron in the back left.

The birds are definitely not afraid of boats and we watch out for cormorants and frigates who like to roost on our wind instruments atop the mast (two took a 6-7 mile ride in June), and pelicans and boobies who like to dive on our lures as we troll (one brown booby caught and released so far this season).

Brown booby circling Voyager. Frigate hitchhiking on our windex.

We saw an amazing bright blue “magpie jay” in town in Loreto recently, sorry didn’t have our camera! Will have to look for him/her sometime again.