Sushi Time

Again. Actually it’s been quite a while and long overdue. Within our first week back to La Paz, Julie and Dena and Dana went to Jiro Sushi in La Paz. This is not only a great sushi place for the Baja, it ranks in quality with San Francisco favorites. This restaurant is something special, food as delicious art. (Foodies – search for Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, Season 8 episode 7 about Northern Baja California, very interesting.)

Exquisitos, Chef Edgar making art with his knife, Curricán roll

For those of you milling around La Paz, Jiro is located on the bay side of the Abasolo in Plaza Nautica, near Colima Street, and close to the Mega and Chedraui supermarkets. Not everything is raw, for the sushi-averse. (Vivi Sushi on the Malecon is gone, but Jiro is better!)

Just arrived tuna. Dana, Dena, Julie.

Not only are the flavors wonderful, with some unique sauces, the presentation is beautiful, the chefs’ skills superb, and what could be better but see fresh whole fish coming in through the front door like honored guests. A yellowtail was carried in, and also a wahoo while we were there.

Salmon (flown in), fabulous desserts.

We had the Exquisito Roll (yes, it is) with crab and shrimp inside, tempura squid topping, topped with curry sauce. A Sashimi Curricán – fish roll with crab and avocado served with a special sauce. And shrimp relleno (chile stuffed with shrimp in tempura batter).

Earlier trip with Crit, wahoo, artful sauces applied.

As it was Julie and Dena’s birthdays, we finished off our lunch with some delicious tempura ice cream (also great fruit/chocolate sauce!).