Faugust on the Bay, Part 2

We got out to sail on the bay just twice over the summer, both times on the beautiful cutter, Cetacea. We could have gone out on the water some more, we just ran out of time.

One day we went just for fun, made some new friends, and had a lovely picnic on Angel Island, one of our favorite anchorages on the Bay.

Another day we did get out to watch the America’s Cup World Cup Series. It was somewhat difficult to see the action well as there was a wide perimeter set well outside the race course for pleasure boats. It was mildly crowded the day we went (first day of the races), cold and foggy.

Spectator boats searching for a good vantage point

There WAS a nice area along shore (between St. Francis and Golden Gate Yacht Clubs) with bleachers for spectators where the racing action passed directly by, we’d recommend this option for those who are curious for future races. Also we caught some of the television coverage which was excellent.

Interesting spectator platform (VIPs?). Oracle and Emirates get it on, notice starboard hulls raised.

When there was a lull in the racing action (Bill DID get some nice photos), we had the opportunity for some interesting conversation, and of course snacking and imbibing. Our friend Alison brought some fabulous, nautical cupcakes.

Map is our track for the Angel Island Trip. Captain analyzes unusual boat shoes (or drag queen accessories?)

A costume designer aboard was demonstrating some of the components of her “drag queen” costume she was going to wear for a contest (she won).

Left foreground is one guest who spent the whole day ill, under a blanket using up half the cockpit. Center is A/C racecourse. Right - huge pectoral muscles.

One can never predict what will be seen on the Bay!

Starting line, timing boat, and racers in front of St. Francis Yacht Club.