Critter Cam

Here’s a collection of image from the last year, finally getting around to posting them.


After the Baja gets lots of rain, the butterflies proliferate. Here are a few that flew aboard to visit during our November passage up to the Loreto area.


Our slip in Marina Palmira is right next to a hotel with a lovely pool and garden area. Good place to attract hummingbirds. This one flew out to hang and pose on a Voyager jib sheet line for a while. Another boat in the marina received a nest!

It IS a dog’s life…some folks who anchored near us in Puerto Balandra, Isla Carmen


Elusive cetaceans. At least some of these are probably pilot whales. This is as far as they come out of the water. Maybe a couple dolphins also hanging with them. Central Sea of Cortez, probably near Isla San Marcos.


Seagull (dispute? kiss?), Puerto Escondido.


Sequence that Bill shot off Isla San Marcos. Probably mobula rays, they love to jump out of the water, no one knows quite why.


and finally, blue footed booooooobies.