More Mexico Resources

Auto Insurance – join Vagabundos for Mexico coverage (Mexican liability is required)

NEWS (websites) in ENGLISH about La Paz!
Octavodia –
Mexico News Daily –
Fulano Files –

EVENT INFORMATION – guide to what is going on La Paz

We use an Android smartphone with hotspot.

We usually take the 4GB service which is good for up to 50 days, about $24 U.S. (1/2017)

Another option is a Telcel “Banda Ancha.” Buy the dongle from a Telcel “customer service center” location. About $40 and usually includes some bandwidth.

Once you start up the service and receive a phone number (for voice and/or data), you can renew the service onlineĀ (you do not need to set up a username/password).

You do NOT need to create a user name or password. There is some question whether everyone on the boat needs a liscense. We feel it is just safer for us each to have one. It’s about $50 per year (640p) per person.