Loreto Area Tips

Loreto Area Cruisers Guide

This document is a work in progress…last modified 7/2018

Disclaimer: businesses come and go, and move. Some of this information has been fleshed out using the “2015 Loreto Resource Directory.” Hours of operation and phone numbers not verified. Many of these listings we do not have personal experience with.

Anchoring: consult your favorite cruising guide for the islands.

Loreto (the town)

The easiest way to shop is to anchor off Loreto if it is a nice day. We have found good holding at the following coordinates (depth typically 20 feet or less).

26 00 801N   111 20 169W
26 00 875N   111 20 158W
26 00 842N   111 20 166W
26 00 806N   111 20 187W

It IS an open roadstead so conditions will vary, pay attention to weather reports. Anchor right off the town either slightly north or south of or parallel to the little panga harbor. Depths typically under 20 feet. If we think it might get choppy, we try to get in and out by early afternoon. You may bring up some grassy objects when you raise your anchor.

We have anchored overnight on occasion, but other, more protected anchorages such as Ballandra and Marquer at Isla Carmen are not far away. Lots of folks anchor overnight when the conditions are nice. Cruisers we know anchored off town for about 7 consecutive days (some Wi-Fi may be obtained!) in May 2016.

Dinghy into the small panga harbor and immediately to your left, tie your dink to the first dock. The nice thing about this dock is a taxi can drive almost all the way down to your dink, if you are doing some shopping. Have some change with you so if any local kids are around and want to help you at the dock, you can help THEM out.

We like to start with a nice breakfast at Loreto Isla (colorful building just south of Mission Hotel on the Malecon) or buffet breakfast (200p Sundays only as of 5/2016) at the Mission Hotel to eat and enjoy some Wi-Fi, then take care of our errands. It’s easy enough to walk just about everywhere. Occasionally we walk TO our destination, then if we have a big load (groceries or laundry for example), then we’ll take a taxi back to the harbor, around 100 pesos or less. In 2015 we used Jose 52 613 121 6327 a few times for taxi service (he has a van, still in business 5/2016).

Candeleros/Esenada Blanca (south of Puerto Escondido and Loreto)

    • There are several trash cans on the beach, this is really your first, best place to dispose of trash north of La Paz.
  • Villa Del Palmar Resort‎(at Candeleros, south of Ligui)
    Anchor here and you can patronize the Villa Palmar Hotel restaurants, Wi-Fi, convenience store (mostly snacks and beverages), and the nice Palapa (on the left as you approach the pools) has burgers, pizza, tacos, etc. We have been up here two different years to have breakfast and watch the Indy 500 on their satellite television.
  • Park or anchor your dinghy and walk to the stairs (see the shower to wash your feet!) to access the hotel. There may be a security guard to greet you and perhaps write down your boat name. He/she may direct you to the front desk for a wrist band to identify you. Bring cash in various denominations if you want to eat/drink as most guests are on a package plan and so the staff doesn’t have to run to the front desk to make change. It’s a lovely place, at least walk around and have a look, the multiple pools form a big turtle. You may want to stay here or have friends/family visit you sometime. Take a tour of the spa if you are so inclined, Julie was impressed with it.
  • Sometimes you can use the hotel pool also, in 2015 & 2016 this has required you to purchase a “day pass” for about $65-69 (U.S.)/pp that includes all you can eat food and drinks from morning to 6 pm. Buying drinks and using the lounge chairs doesn’t seem to be a problem.
  • There is a Hertz car rental counter in the lobby of the hotel, they usually have cars onsite – versus waiting for a car to be brought down to Puerto Escondido. We have rented a car here a couple times to get into Loreto for shopping and to visit San Javier. Special 5/2016 was $37 a day (rental including Mexican liability coverage) for a small car that was very drivable for the San Javier trip.
  • Hotel number is 52 613 134 1000  and they can transfer you to the rental car desk.
  • Cellular service is back in this anchorage! 3-4 bars on our ATT phone.

Ligui Village

  • Dinghy up to the northwest corner of the Candeleros bay (you’ll see some tall flagpoles which mark a park there) and walk about a half mile into the village of Ligui/Ensenada Blanca for a nice little market (look where the fishing pangas and trailers are located, to find the road into the village). This tienda also has a sister store right along Highway One, so they may be able to bring things in that you are lacking. They have some produce (better some days of the week than others, dairy products, bread, canned goods, some frozen meats, soda & juices, Magnum bars!
    • Ligui General Store, also associated with the Ligui market on Hwy 1, so they may be able to bring items from the larger store to the smaller store
    • VHF Radio – channel 12 (2014?)
    • They have a little of everything from limited fresh produce to general provisions to boats needs and hardware items

Puerto Escondido

Puerto Escondido (formerly Fonatur) Marina and harbor UPDATED 2018 – call on channel 16 for slip availability, or a mooring ball assignment. Or, just come into the harbor (we have found minimum depth of 10 feet), and take a mooring, then go to the office to check in.  The moorings were re-done after Hurricane Odile (price is the same for mooring ball or anchoring). The yellow float pickups are easy enough for a blonde (me) to grab on the first try.
613 131 8097 613 133 0189 613 133 0899
Harbormaster Javier Fuerte (7/2021)

Wi-fi reception is minimal to non-existent in the mooring field. There IS wi-fi ashore next to the well stocked tienda and a new cruisers lounge with wi-fi was opened in 2020 on the third floor. Anchor at the very north of the main harbor near the “windows” and you can likely access cellular voice/data.

Gas and diesel are available at the fuel dock. Water can be obtained from the fuel dock and it is quite pure as it comes from a natural source nearby (Steinbeck Canyon?). Suggest you use your own hose to fill as the harbor staff may drop their dock hose into an occasional holding tank.

The swimming pool is still there, second floor the marina complex.

  • There is also another newer set of docks behind the boat yard, boats with deep draft might have a hard time getting in. Marina Puerto Escondido. Many boats up to 40 feet would probably fit in there fine. Marina office can provide info and rates.
  • There is a lovely outdoor restaurant space upstairs on the second level deck. Very convenient and reasonable. Thin crust pizza and a salad makes a nice dinner. Lots of items available too, full bar.
  • To access Loreto from Puerto Escondio, there are a few options. Have/make friends with a car, ask on the morning VHF net if someone can provide a ride to town, have marina office order a rental car for you (they are delivered to the marina from town). Hire a taxi to take you around town. We (easily) rent a car up there a few times a year.
  • The Waiting Room, large southeast cove just outside the harbor, formerly with private moorings, was closed in spring 2018.
  • South of the API pier, is a free anchorage, albeit deep-ish around 40 ft depth. Cell coverage might be available from the tower down at the Villa del Palmar hotel.
  • The Ellipse mooring field (on the right as you enter the channel) is also managed by the Marina Puerto Escondido office.

Nopolo/Loreto Bay (between Puerto Escondido and Loreto)
You can access the Inn at Loreto Bay restaurant (and we used the pool 6/2021). We had a decent lunch there in 2021…reasonable pricing. There is a trash receptacle on the north side of the hotel, not far from the Kayak rentals. Walk down the beach a little south of the hotel and look for a pathway through the buildings. Along those pathways you’ll come to a boulevard with a few eating places and shops including a mini-mart. One spot Wine Cellar Nopolo that has tapas (see restaurant listings below) and American sports on TV. Towards the very north end of the boulevard (where it starts to curve) is Pedro’s restaurant and delicatessen/tienda with many grocery goodies that cruisers enjoy.

San Javier (Mission)

  • If you haven’t visited San Javier yet, it is well worth the drive, read our post at https://cuisinemarine.com/san-javier/. It is about a 35 minute drive each way from the turnoff at Highway One. There are occasionally a few dodgy bits to the road but very passable in an ordinary car, we last went there in early 2021. The Palapa restaurant just to the right of the church has a nice breakfast. Buy some guava paste to go if you like a treat. Definitely walk back behind the church to the right, to see the ancient olive tree and walk down the pathway to see a few agriculture fields and the water supply.

Car Rental

Most convenient is to have the Puerto Escondido Marina office call and make a reservation for you. Rate includes Mexican insurance and delivery to and dropoff at the marina ($40 – $55/day depending on season and availablity).


Delicatessen  (last visited 5/2021)
Specializing in gourmet items, international ingredients, cheeses, spices, condiments, wines, vast selection of frozen meats like thick pork chops, steaks, lamb, organic chicken breasts, wine cellar from about 100p, Italian and other sausages, lots of goodies from Costco. (Proprietor Pedro Lopez ran the tienda and Porto Bello restaurant at Marina Fonatur for many years.)
On Benito Juarez between Ayuntamiento y Marques de Leon, and at least a few blocks past the Ferramar chandlery and on the opposite side of the street. Two story, big green banner. (directly across the street from their former location in 2015, 2014)
613 135 0733   Also? 613 135 2477

El Pescador (last visited 6/2021)
The second largest supermarket. Seems to have improved since Ley came to town. We bought some frozen shrimp there recently that was quite good. A few more “gringo” items here (canned diced tomatoes for example) than Ley carries, even a few Costco items are seen. Meat counter (their thick cut bacon is lovely), sometimes Johnsonville sausages, general groceries, frozen green beans (otherwise hard to find), liquor and wine.
Salvatierra at Indepencia (at the traffic light).
613 135 0060

Juarez Market (last visited 6/2021)
(This market also has a satellite store at Marina Puerto Escondido.)
Small market that has a nice corner of “gringo” goodies including some treats from Costco. Kirkland sea salt crinkle-cut potato chips, anyone? Produce, meat counter and canned goods.
Benito Juarez near the roundabout at Ugarte and Salvatierra and next door to the Coppel Store.
Opens at 7:00 AM

Cactus Liqores (last visited 4/2021)
Liquors and decent wine selection. Good prices, where the gringos go.

ADDITIONAL LOCATION 2018 – on the Malcon a little south of the Mission Hotel
Orginal location on Hidalgo, a little east of Indepencia, not far from Pescador grocery

Bodega Aurrera (last visited 4/2021)
(a Walmart affiliate), smaller than the outlets in Constitucion and La Paz
Staple items, some produce and cold items, nothing special in our opinion but must be a good place for the locals to bulk buy.
Independencia – a few blocks north of Super Ley Grocery

Super Ley Express (last visited 6/2021)
Opened in 2013. Biggest supermarket in town. We like their fresh English muffins and bagels (rarely seen in Mexico). Really good produce selection, and good quality.
Indepencia, 2 blocks north of Benito Juarez
Has ATM machines affiliated with major banks, we have used many times with no problems.

El Gavilan –  Semillas y Especias (last visited 6/2021)
Condiments, beans bulk herbs, spices, nuts, grains, dried fruits, international ingredients like coconut milk, and gluten free items. Proprietor Gabriel Vasquez is a treasure. Ask him for his Chilean raisins. His olive oil (in unmarked bottle) is very nice. Ask about his 4-wheeler tours too!
Salvatierra @ Indepencia across from Pescador market
Shop #135-2331
Cell #613 – 137-2700

Tortilleria Dulce
Benito Juarez  (south side of street) between  Indepencia and Guerrero, a little east of Ferremar. Try the (baked? Fried?) crispy flour tortillas – they don’t always have them, they are great as crackers!

Raygoza Green market (last visited 4/2015)
Prepatoria 50, Independencia and go about 9 blocks north of Salvatierra to a 4-way stop. Turn right on Prepatoria and go about 300 feet to a green building on the right

Delicatessen branch – Pedro’s tienda in NOPOLO last visited 5/2018
Better stock in the Loreto location, but he can bring items down to Nopolo store. And, he now owns the restaurant next door.
613 135 0733  ? 135 2499

Loreto Bay General Store
(Mini-Mart) at Nopolo (last visited 6/2018)
Paseo Mision de Loreto #305
613 111 9659

Hardware, Electrical and Plumbing supplies

Romero Electrical
across from FerreMar on Benito Juarez

Madero just north of Baja California
Was closed the day we tried to visit 5/2016.


Self-Serve at Marina Puerto Escondido (last used 6/2021)
Works on honor system, report your number of loads and pay at the marina office

Lavanderia La Rana (last used 6/2021)
Wash and fold, very reasonable. (drop-off) same day service possible, we usually pick up the next day. They don’t use smelly soaps.
Benito Juarez #85 – several blocks west of Ferremar, same side of streeet look for frog logo
613 135 1383


Ferre-Mar chandlery
last visited 6/2021
Boating/fishing/dive-snorkel gear/batteries/hardware/batteries/cleaning supplies, pieces and parts, camping gear, coolers, even vacuum seal bags and sealers (southern Baja chain with stores in La Paz and Constitucion)
Benito Juarez, Maybe 4-5 blocks west of the Malecon, will be on your right. Blue Building.
USA Warehouse 619-710-1421

El Tigre Auto Parts (last visited 2014)
One of the side streets between Juarez & Salvatierra?

Chino Auto Parts (last visited 4/2021)
Juarez at Ventura 135-1720
Batteries, Auto Parts, oil, pretty good inventory

Baleros y Rotenes (Bearings and Seals)
On Highway 1 in Cuidad Constitucion, at the intersection of Olachea, roughly 1/4 mile NORTH of the Super Ley Market on the east side of the street.
In Loreto? CLOSED???  Off Indepencia just a little south of Salvatierra

Fishing licenses and park permits
at the base of the town pier

Carlos Cristiani Cruz Diving Services
Puerto Escondido – Street Level of the Puerto Escondido complex. Bottom Cleaning, Diving and underwater maintenance.
613 131 8098  613 109 2013
VHF 16

Metal Fabrication
Tim Yarbrough tim@wefab.com
House of Stainless, S.A. de C.V. and Loreto Expeditions, S.A. de C.V.
Office 52-613-135-1533
Cell 310-756-5742

Outboard mechanic Eugene behind concrete wall at road to san javier/del borracho)

Restaurants & Take Out

Café Ole
Breakfast, lunch, Mexican cuisine
Daily 7 am – 10 pm, closing at 2 on Sunday..
Madero #14 near Hildalgo, right off the town square, southeast from the Cathedral
outdoor patio and indoor seating (no wifi?)

Del Borracho Saloon & Grill  (last visited 3/2021)
One of our favorites. Western themed, nice gringo owners Vince & Maria. Great burgers, great brunch on Saturday and Sunday, Often you’ll find sporting events on their televisions, and a western movie with the sound off.
613 109 3001
San Javier Rd. a little south of Loreto off Hwy 1  .4 km west of Hwy 1
Weds. – Fri. 11 am – 6 pm. Sat./Sun. 9 am – 6 pm – Limited hours in summer

Sea Coffee (last visited 4/2021)
Wi-fi has been decent
Hidalgo #66, a block or two east of Cactus Liquors on same side

El Rey del Tacos (last visited 4/2021)
9 am – 2 pm, seems to be open when they feel like it
Benito Juarez between Misioneros and Suarez
Fish tacos, where the locals go! get there early

La Picazon (friends were there 5/2016)
Alex and Imelda
Monday-Saturday from noon to 6:00 pm
North of town, via graded road north. By boat is across from Isla Carmen. Shore is rocky so you may need to anchor out your dinghy. Anchoring with your sailing vessel is doable in good conditions, friends on Hylas 54 have anchored there (not overnight).

La Michoacana Ice Cream
Madero between Salvatierra & Benito Juarez, next to Orlandos

Loreto Isla (last visited 5/2016)
Corner of Malecon (Blvd. A. L. Mateos) & Salvateirra, just south of Mission Hotel

Mita Goumet   (last visited 2019)
Calle Davis #13, on the town square just east of gazebo
Lovely patio, also indoor seating, a little pricier than some of the others but deliciously prepared fish
613 135 2025

Mission Hotel
last visited 2019
sunday brunch 250p
On the Malecon very near the town docks
134 0350

Hotel Oasis
last visited 2019
Saturday night buffet! Oysters/Clams (in season) plus BBQ Chicken, Ribs, nice sides. Lovely outdoor patio, usuall live (acoustic) music.

last visited 2016
Madero between Salvatierra & Benito Juarez
Nice outdoor garden setting, try the mango fish
613 109-6207

Pan Que Pan
last visited 4/2021, we prefer the La Paz bakeries
breads and pastries to go, gluten free items. Closest thing to a loaf a French bread that you might find here. We had breakfast there once. Closed Monday.
Hidalgo near Pino Suarez.
Other pastries, breakfast and lunch, pizza, salads
613 101 4544

(last visited 6/2021)
RIght on the water at the Loreto Town Docks
Other locations in Loreto.

Vista al Mar (Clam Shack) (last visited 2019)
Hwy 1, KM 103, right on the beach between Puerto Escondido and Nopolo
Extensive menu, not just clams! Good fish and shrimp tacos
613 113-3354

Wine Cellar Nopolo
last visited 5/2018
Lots of ~50p tapas-type dishes, lasagna
613 104-5562
Kitty corner from the Inn at Loreto Bay
Mon, Wed. Thurs. Fri. 4:00 to 10:00 PM
Sat. and Sun. 3:00 to 10:00 PM



In Super Ley Express Grocery store – ATM machines affiliated with major banks

Our Favorite – Banco Azteca – Benito Juarez at Indepencia, great exchange rate

Banamex (?) near the town square

Salvatierra  at Ayuntamiento (one long block north of Indepencia)
Banda Ancha tech support might not be available in Loreto, perhaps there is someone at the Coppel store on Benito Juarez who can help

Gabriel  at El Gavilan can reload Telcel accounts as well (even larger GB data reloads than Telcel store can do)

Misc. Shopping, other

New name, formerly El Caballo Blanco   Bookstore  (last visited 2014)
Jeannine Perez
Paseo Hidalgo #19, 2 blocks west of the Malecon
Selection of “local interest” including Baja nature and history, used English paperbacks

Hair stuff!
Little shop center at Juarez @ Indepencia

Propane Plant
Hwy 1, 3.5 miles south of Loreto and before Nopolo
a little south of the turnoff to San Javier

Telas Cindy
last visited 2019
Miscellaney, Fabrics/notions/embroidering
Salvatierra #85 west of Pescador grocery

Auto Repair
(electronics – alternator?) Marco – Salvatierra to school, turn right (at Colima?) then left at empty lots, head down street – home on left side – see mechanic stuff under carport

Dolphin Dive Baja
Scuba Fills & Rentals
Benito Juarez
613 118-2311

Hwy 1 just south of main drag into Loreto
Doctors are available at the hospital – Go into the emergency entrance
613 135-2035


Dr Green – 135-2006 @ the hospital?

Dr Jose Manuel Pena Loza
Visited 2020
good english
612 141 6131
ofc 612 124 3909

Laboratory Nuez
Indepencia bet deportiva and tamaral

Dentist – Jose Miguel Mora Rodriguez fall 2020
“Loreto Dental” (friends used Q1 2021)
613 121 5843
Salvaterra between De Leon y Allende

Dentist – Salud Dental – Dr Alejandra Dyer
Hidalgo bet misioneros and madero?

Pharmacia del Rosario
Last visited 6/2018
Pharmacy, best selection for toiletries
Salvaiterra almost across from Pescador and Benito Juarez near Ferremar

Pharmacia Similares
Ayuntamiento (one long block north of Indepencia) right off Salvatierra

Optica Center – Eye Glasses
613 109-2744
Salv next to domingos steak house


Loreto Mision & Mision Museum
Mision Nuestra Senora de Loreto
Est. 1697
Tours 30 P. per person, signs are in English, te tour takes about an hour.

SAYC-5 Computer Store
Last visited 2017
Computer sales and service, internet, security systems and surveillance
613 135 0853
Ayuntiamento n of indepencia

Alternator Repair
“the Chicken Mechanic’
or Marcos
Preperatoria y misioneros

Manny’s Refrigeration
Cell:613 044 111-0302

Injectors Repair – Consititution
Madima – Constitution Alvaro Obbegon y Cuauhtemoc

Metal Fabrication & Stainless Steel – House of Stain Steel
135-1533 — 613 111-8146

Tornillos y Accesories
Hardware with “Hard to Find Stuff”
Independecia near Kino

Shipping – Estafeda


Hotel  Oasis
Friends like – South end of Malecon (Blvd. A. L. Mateos) at Baja Calfornia
Older traditional one story hotel.  Hammocks on patios type of place.  Very laid back, clean, air conditioning, great staff, restaurant on premises.
$70 – $90
We tried their Saturday night buffet 5/2016 – fabulous and a bargain about about $10, included oysters 3 different ways (and chicken and pork and…)

Coco Cabañas
Friends have recommended
Quiet, safe and clean with good Internet. Kind of a modern B&B feel, without the breakfast.
Apx. $59 USD.
About 2 blocks from the malecon, is on a dirt street.

La Damiana Inn B&B
Recommended by friends 2016
613 135 0356

Hotel Angra (last visited 2015)
Benito Juarez, across from the larger Pemex
12 rooms, pretty new, decent Wi-fi, A/C, cable with some English channels, private secured parking.
Pedro @ Dali recommends
613 135 1172

Bungalows right on malecon.  Clean, older, very laid back place with full kitchens, hammocks on patios, very nice American runs it.  Perhaps $60/night.  Wonderful to be right on waterfront.  Only drawback is some units don’t have full a/c. Friends stayed there and liked it.