One Girl’s Guide to Shopping in La Paz

Shopping and Services in La Paz

The more time we spend in La Paz, the more gems we find for those of us who appreciate a good retail experience, plus great suppliers to the yachting community (see other page for marine listings). You will notice there is some bias towards items of culinary interest. Follows is a short list of current favorites (most but not all verified) that were open in late 2014. Please forgive any errors, and let us know if you find any, or wish to suggest other companies that should be listed.

There are purposely NO clothing or shoe stores listed, there are just too many to choose from around La Paz and our goal is to have less and less clothing and shoes, not more!

ALLENDE BOOKS – Great bookstore with most titles in English, non-fiction and fiction, emphasis on Baja and Mexican travel, lore, cooking, etc.
Independencia #518, between Serdán and G. Prieto

ARMENTA Merceria – Beads and beading supplies, stationery, plus craft and sewing supplies.
Indepencia #115, between Madero and Revolucion de 1910

Inexpensive lodging near Marina de La Paz. Nice communal kitchen, pool, pet friendly.
B. Dominguez between Sinaloa and Sonora

Fox, on the Malecon & La Paz Airport, also serving SJD (Cabo) Airport
(most other major companies are also on the Malecon)

Coffee syrups (Davinci brand from U.S.), similar to Torani
Yucatan 3595 between Jalisco y Oaxaca, sort of behind City Club on Forjadores

DENTIST – Dr. Yxchel Clavel (great English, spoken and written)
#641 Durango, off Allende east of Catolica

DOCTOR – makes boat calls! Dr. Enrique Tuchmann
Office on Esquerro between 16th Septiembre & Arriola
612-157-8516   612-125-0458

DOCTOR – Dr. Buenaventura Diaz
Fidepaz Hospital (the purple building) out on the Abasolo towards Walmart.

DAX – well stocked with health & beauty items, housewares, etc. similar to Walgreens
Abasolo – above the Modatela fabric store in the new Mega shopping center

EL QUINTO SOL – health food, I think I found some pearled barley there
Belisario Dominguez 12 at Independencia (as of 2012)

EL SONIDOR – Audio and electronic components, accessories, musical instruments
I. Ramirez #1325 near 5 de Mayo

FABRIC – Casa Macias
Foam and upholstery fabric – On DeLeon east of town, past the arroyo (and past Padre Kino). Where the commercial upholsterers shop

FARMER’S MARKET – Food and crafts. Tuesday and Saturday from about 9:30-noon.
Madero between 5 de Mayo and Constitución.

Allende between Madero and Revolucion

HARDWARE (formerly ACE, now has a HONDA sign) – The usual items you’d expect to see in a U.S. version, including housewares, pet supplies, patio and garden section, cleaning supplies, plus a few food items from Costco!
5 de Mayo #848 (near the Ley Supermarket)

HOTEL MARINA – at Marina Palmira
nothing fancy, but reasonable

HOTEL – Hyatt Place
We stayed there 12/2015, very nice. Good buffet breakfast.

IBARRA’S POTTERY – Beautiful locally-crafted pottery, nice useful gift items
G. Prieto #625, between Republica & T. Iglesias

Angel I. Arteaga, He speaks perfect english and has a handle on the laws and regulations here in the Baja.
Cel. (612) 155-5555 U.S. (816) 237-0848

Baking equipment and supplies for making sweet goodies – flavors, molds, sprinkles, cream, fillings, containers, yeasts (no bread flour)
Padre Kino just north of Colosio, next door to Praxair (welding supply)

Exotic liquor-based jams, jellies, marmalades and chutneys are made by survivors of domestic violence. Available at the Tuesday/Saturday morning
Farmer’s Market

LIQUOR – LA CAVA DEL PATRON – BIG selection of wines and liquors, plus a few gourmet items.
M. de Leon at G. Prieto

Legaspi, between Madero and Revolucion. Nicely folded and bagged, no stinky soaps. Quick and great price.

LIBRERIA RAMIREZ –  stationery, party supplies, toys, lots of stuff!
5 De Mayo #204-4, between Madero and Revolucion 612-122-1881

MAS ELECTRONICA (formerly Radio Shack) – Not quite the same selection as U.S. but sometimes worth the trip for small/consumer electronics items.
F.I. Madero #12 (downtown not far from Sears) 612-122-6900
also Padre Kino at Colosio

Revolution near Juarez, white and green building.
GOT BAJA at DOCE QUARENTA COFFEE SHOP – souvenirs – cool books, tshirt and mugs, etc., nice coffee shop with patio in the back
Madero between 5 de Mayo and Constitucion

El Alamo, inside the Mercado Bravo – thick cut bacon and other cuts to order

MERCADO DE LOZA – plastics and housewares, kitchen gear.
Revolucion near the Coppel and Mercado Madero (near Delgollado?)

MERCADO MADERO – One of two enclosed public markets in town with a variety of vendors. More dominant in clothing/general merchandise than the other mercado. Between A. Serdan and Revolucion de 1910, and between Delgollado and Ocampo

MERCADO BRAVO – One of two enclosed public markets in town with a variety of vendors.  Nice fish and seafood here. More dominant in food items than the other mercado. Great carnitas stand outside the entry 2/1 prices for carnitas on Wednesday, outside mercado entry facing Bravo and Prieto.
Between G. Prieto and I. Ramirez, and between Bravo and Ocampo

MODATELA – Fabric and sewing supplies
downtown: F. Madero #1680 at Delgollado – 2 stories of material and related items, 612-129-3208
also, Abasolo – in the Mega shopping center

NEW IMAGE UPHOLSTERY – Boat canvas and upholstery fabrication and repairs. Why do all this hard work yourself when Hector can do a great job for you at a great price. He made a beautiful sun shade for us, re-did our dodger and bimini, and recovered our cockpit cushions and the helm seat on our dinghy.

NOMADA – health foods, gourmet ingredients, cultural gifts, coffee shop
Madero between 5 de Mayo and Constitucion, across from Pan de Les

PAN DE LES – Marvelous bread and pastries, closest thing to Bay Area breads we can find here. Sourdough and Rustico are wonderful, try the spicy (and other flavor) rice crackers. We like their chocolate croissants and cherry turnovers.
F. Madero between 5 de Mayo and Constitucion
Open daily 8-2 except Sunday

PARISIANA – Fabric and sewing supplies
Revolucion de 1910 #1637, at 16th de September
also new one at Soriana Plaza near Home Depot

PETROS – Great selection of beads and beading supplies
Jalisco about a half block east of the Abasolo

PLASTICS! MERCADO DE LOZAS (Housewares, containers, etc.)
Revolucion near Ocampo and the Madero market, adjacent to the Coppel store

Plastic containers, plastic bottles, buckets, fiberglass supplies
Cinco de Febrero at Revolucion, near Lopez Marine
also on Primo Verdad a little south of Cinco de Mayo (Reforma?)

PLOMYBANOS de la PAZ – Housewares, small appliances, candles, seasonal gift items, bath accessories, plus plumbing & electrical hardware. May be a True Value franchise?
16th de September at G. Prieto
612-122-0504   612-122-9355

PROACYR – Kitchen tools, baking and restaurant equipment and supplies for pros and home cooks alike. Think about a mini Sur la Table of La Paz.
B. Juarez at Heroes de Indepencia

SEAFOOD – Counters inside the Mercado Bravo public market.

SOLUTION CAKE – Baking equipment, supplies, pastry cream, etc.
Allende #665 at I. Ramirez

STEREN – Electronics components, accessories, audio devices (things like I-pod cables).
Forjadores almost across from the Soriana & City Club shopping plaza

TANYA JAMIESON – Pedicure/Massage/Waxing – Great for something to do after a heavy day of hunting around town.
Villas La Posada, near Abasolo and the Volkswagon Dealership (email for more info)

TEA and Supplies – LA TETERIA
next door to Cafe Marino  Yucatan 3595 between Jalisco y Oaxaca, sort of behind City Club on Forjadores

TEEN EXTRAVAGANZA – Beads and beading supplies.
Indepencia #309, between I. Madero and Revolucion de 1910, a few doors away from Armenta store

Home office, located near entrance to Hotel Araiza, not far from Marina Palmira